Danny Bath Legacy Awards

Time slips by and life goes on
But from our hearts
You are never gone.
We think about you always
And talk about you too,
We have so many memories
But we wish we still had you.

Upcoming Events

Kick off Kindness

Held in October - Stay Tuned for Details

Transforming Pain Into Purpose Kick Off Kindness

The Danny Bath Legacy Awards purpose is to pay it forward by honoring those with a strong connection to Danny’s interests and who embody his personality and giving nature. We have chosen to award one EMT graduate from each Medstar Ambulance class (average of 6 per year) and two Automotive graduates from Wilson Talent Center Automotive Repair Program. These awards value approximately $2500 annually.

In addition each October, Danny’s Birthday Month, we will be donating a vehicle filled with nonperishable items to a deserving family. We call this Kicking off Kindness.

In order to continue these awards, we need your help.

We have an annual fundraiser each February, Danny’s accident month. We call this Transforming Pain Into Purpose. We welcome donations anytime and appreciate you helping us to do “What Danny Would Do” and pay it forward.

“Healing is about accepting, not forgetting.” k.tolone