Danny Bath Legacy Awards

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Dorrie Bath Board Member

Dorrie Bath, Danny’s Mom and President/Treasurer

Dorrie is a mom on a mission. Since her son’s fatal accident, life has not been the same. She believes that finding meaning in the tremendous loss of her son, may empower her to find a path to move forward “with Danny”. She says “You never move on, or get over, through, or past “it”. Instead, we live with the loss.” Danny is still very much a part of her life. Doing What Danny Would Do helps her to find meaning in this grief.

Dorrie is a former Dental Hygienist and the Owner and President of Gutter Flow System, which is a family owned business in Haslett MI. She has set up the Danny Bath Legacy Awards to honor her youngest son Danny and to Pay It Forward to those who most embody Danny’s personality and giving nature. When Dorrie isn’t working in her business Gutter Flow System or Danny’s non-profit, she enjoys spending time in her garden and with the grandkids.

Dave Bath Board Member

Dave Bath, Danny’s Dad and Vice President

Dave set the example for his family to pay it forward. He taught his kids from a young age that spreading kindness in this world is what makes us who we are. Sharing your talents (carpentry, auto repair) to help someone out, or simply a friendly smile, holding the door or taking 5 minutes to shovel someone’s sidewalk; your small act of kindness can make a world of difference.

Dave is retired from the Construction industry but continues to work on the family home. He is also an owner of Gutter Flow System and the Vice President. Danny was always proud that his Dad “invented and patented the coolest gutter guard out there”.

When Dave isn’t working on his house or helping others, he enjoys visits with friends & family.

“Sometimes you can’t pay it back, so you just have to pay it forward.” Randy Paush

Picture of Carrie Frazer Board Member

Savannah McFarlin Event Director

Information on Savannah McFarlin - coming soon!

Picture of Kristi Gordon Board Member

Kristi Gordon, Family Friend and Marketing Director

Kristi met the Bath family over 20 years ago. She knew Danny as a baby, and was fortunate to be able to watch him grow into a loving and caring man. She witnessed firsthand how Danny would do anything to help people, especially his friends.

Kristi has worked and taken pride in providing the most ultimate care for her community. She was a Certified Dental Assistant for forty years, and retired in 2021. Kristi took additional studies at the Naturopathic Institute to better herself and her family.

When Kristi isn't helping her family and friends, she enjoys quilting and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

Carrie pix

Carrie Frazer Secretary

While I did not have the pleasure of knowing Danny personally, I have had the joy of knowing his family and others who have shared his story. Being a part of the Danny Bath Legacy Awards has been honor.

Carrie works as an administrative assistant for Gutter Flow System.

When Carrie isn't working she is spending time with her grandkids or crafting.