Danny Bath Legacy Awards

Qualifiying criteria for both the Medstar and Wilson Talent Center recipients are selected by their peers for the person who most embodies Danny’s fun and giving spirit, with a desire to serve others.  Must be in good standing with the program.

Medstar EMT Recipients

Recruit 1  Owen Clary

Recruit 2 Andrew Doyle

Recruit 3 “Griff” Jackson

Recruit 4 Lawson Bainbridge

Recruit 5 Elizabeth Dykstra

Recruit 6 Lauren Simpson

Recruit 7 Shelby Barber

Recruit 8 Rosemary Edds

Recruit 9 Ashley Haase

Recruit 10 Allison Hughey

Recruit 11 Mohammad Ulfat

Recruit 12 David Dawson

Recruit 13 Tamika Styles

Recruit 14 Jennifer Murphy

Recruit 15 Kristen Sayles

Recruit 16 Kyle Hartman

Recruit 17 – no class 

Recruit 18 Devin Mayhew 

Wilson Talent Center Recipients

Lucas Fletcher

Gerry Emens

Vehicle Donation

The Samora Family

The Close Family

Good Neighbors with Bob Hoffman